Brave search added to WDYS?

Brave, the browser company and search engine, announced yesterday that, having removed all reliance on Bing, their search service is now 100% independent of ‘Big Tech’.

Since they appear to be offering a genuine alternative, I thought I’d add them to the engine options on What do you suggest?.

A graphic showing the suggestions made by the Brave search engine for the search 'what is brave'
Brave search's top suggestion is for its own browser.

Brave is the only search engine in the list where it doesn’t appear to be possible to explicitly request suggestions for a given locale or language. They do appear to vary their suggestions by location, but that information appears to be inferred somehow — presumably based on the IP address of the request or the location of the edge node that handles the request.

It is possible to set a preferred locale from a short list in the user interface of the search engine page, but this doesn’t appear to affect the search suggestions it returns.

A screenshort of the Brave search 'Quick settings' screen showing a short list of locales a user can select. The default selected locale is English (United States)
Brave search settings

If you happen to know, or figure out, how to vary search suggestions on Brave by locale, I’d love to hear about it.

Have fun exploring!