Covers of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights

I was first introduced to Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights by Miss Scott, one of my high school English teachers ((Miss Scott also stands out in my memory for apparently having leaned out the window of her ute and flipped the bird to another student in my year who cut her off on the way to school.)), while we were studying the book by Emily Brontë. I paid the song almost no attention at the time, but the book I recall disliking. I think my dislike was a function of the incredible inaccessibility of the prose. Despite that, Miss Scott's enthusiastic teaching of the book sunk in and I'm very happy to be able to say I've read it (and tried unsuccessfully to read it again since).

After hearing a cover of Kate Bush's original on the radio recently, I tried looking it up online. Big mistake. Huge!

The almost preposterous world of Wuthering Heights covers is vast and, once entered, near impossible to escape.

Not that I'm saying the renditions in this list are all top shelf work, they are surely all better than the all too numerous amateur YouTube renditions. Here are some of the worst I struggled through on my way out of this rabbit hole:

Good luck.