The delightful little family videos you didn't know you had

Here’s a nice little thing I discovered today.

A boy putting the finishing touches on a lego car
A good way to spend time in isolation.

Under the hood, the ‘live’ pictures that iPhones take are actually short videos. This seems obvious but for the fact that there doesn’t appear to be a way to access the actual video file in the Photos app interface (or, for that matter, by looking in the local database).

But I recently setup the iCloud Photo Downloader on a Raspberry Pi to keep a local backup of all my iCloud photos.

And what did I find? Nearly every photo comes paired with a short vodeo. But what surprised me and what makes them a real delight, is that they have sound.

Tiny slices of life. Like, seriously, it’s going to be delightful in years to come to look back at photos like this of my son building a Lego car and to also know he is singing the Reel 2 Reel classic I Like to Move It to himself while putting the final pieces on.

Another way to look at it, of course, is that Apple is recording an audio clip for every photo you take and storing it on their servers without telling you (they probably do though, somewhere deep in the terms of service). Despite my general concerns about privacy, I’m choosing to be delighted by this particular discovery.