Speaking: Storyology 2016 and Hacks/Hackers Sydney

Last month I had the great opportunity to speak at Storyology 2016 and also at a side event hosted by Hacks/Hackers Sydney.

Data gets personal

It was a real pleasure to sit down with some really excellent practitioners of the craft that occupies so much of my time.

Using personalisation and interactivity to make data-heavy stories on dry topics engaging and shareable for a bigger audience impact.

The opportunity to talk with Julia Smith, Kavya Sukumar, Inga Ting and Ed Tadros was one I'm glad I didn't pass up.

It was a fairly wide ranging conversation I won't try to summarise here, but Walkley Foundation—the organisers of the conference—have promised to make a recording available which I'll post here when it arrives. However, I did make a collection of links to personalised data stories collected from the panelists as inspiration for our conversation.

ABC NewsBot

I also spoke briefly in a separate session about my main project for the 2016 Australian federal election, ABC NewsBot.

Hacks/Hackers Sydney

Being one of the organisers of Hacks/Hackers Brisbane, it was great to get the opportunity to speak at a Hacks/Hackers event in another city. Thanks so much to Ryan for the invitation.

For this talk I did a slightly more technical and detailed version of the ABC NewsBot story. Check out the slides if you're interested.