Speaking: Storyology 2016 and Hacks/Hackers Sydney

This was published more than 7 years ago

Attitudes and opinions change and evolve.

You know that feeling you get when you stumble upon something you wrote in the distant past and it's terrible? There are many cringe-worthy bits of immature writing on this website (and I'm probably still creating more).

As well as the mere cringe-worthy, there are also opinions and attitudes expressed that I no longer hold and am, frankly, embarrassed by. (Please don't go looking, they're deliberately hard to find, but left for the sake of posterity.)

I hope if you've stumbled across some here, you'll give me the benefit of the doubt.

Last month I had the great opportunity to speak at Storyology 2016 and also at a side event hosted by Hacks/Hackers Sydney.

Data gets personal

It was a real pleasure to sit down with some really excellent practitioners of the craft that occupies so much of my time.

Using personalisation and interactivity to make data-heavy stories on dry topics engaging and shareable for a bigger audience impact.

The opportunity to talk with Julia Smith, Kavya Sukumar, Inga Ting and Ed Tadros was one I’m glad I didn’t pass up.

It was a fairly wide ranging conversation I won’t try to summarise here, but Walkley Foundation—the organisers of the conference—have promised to make a recording available which I’ll post here when it arrives. However, I did make a collection of links to personalised data stories collected from the panelists as inspiration for our conversation.

ABC NewsBot

I also spoke briefly in a separate session about my main project for the 2016 Australian federal election, ABC NewsBot.

Hacks/Hackers Sydney

Being one of the organisers of Hacks/Hackers Brisbane, it was great to get the opportunity to speak at a Hacks/Hackers event in another city. Thanks so much to Ryan for the invitation.

For this talk I did a slightly more technical and detailed version of the ABC NewsBot story. Check out the slides if you’re interested.