1. A t-intersection of two narrow streets lined with three storey red brick terrace houses. There are a row of garage doors, most varying shades of blue, and red flowers in hanging baskets suspended above the food path below.
    Corner of Cranham Street and Whitworth Place, Oxford
  2. A closeup of some deep green, brown and purple calathea flower buds just starting to show delicate white petals sprouting from a pot.
    The start of some spring flowers on a potted indoor calathea, Brisbane
  3. A set of stairs leading up to a balcony in a domed ceiling.
    Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford
  4. A large tree bearing white spring flowers next to an old, single story stone building and an entrance to some gardens
    Norham Gardens, Oxford
  5. An imposing sandstone building with large stone columns and a gate leading to an internal courtyard.
    Oxford University Press, Oxford
  6. A large atrium with intricate cast iron construction housing museum exhibits
    Museum of Natural History, Oxford
  7. An aging concrete building with an unusual somewhat brutalist exoskeleton
    Little Clarenden Street, Oxford
  8. An unusually shaped building which is narrower at the bottom than at the top and has one concrete facade and one glass facade visible.
    Departments of Engineering Science, Mathematics, and Physics, Oxford
  9. A woman standing beneath a tree in early spring looking into the distance over a sporting field
    Oxford University Parks, Oxford
  10. A glass of beer and a wallet on a table in a pub.
    The White Rabbit, Oxford
  11. A large house and garden with a conservatory in the foreground
    High Bois House, Amersham